Hello! I’m Donna.

I’m a big fan of spending time outdoors. It’s by far the best thing for my mental and physical health and I want you to feel this too. I am lucky that in the last few years I have been able to create a life where I spend most of my days outdoors and it has transformed my health and wellbeing.

After a career in teaching and then working in sports policy and development, I wanted more freedom to spend as much time as possible outdoors, working for myself. So now I spend my days working with women to help them benefit from spending time outdoors too. I also deliver workshops to share the skills that are useful in building confidence and spend most weekends running DofE expeditions for young people. I am so much happier as a result!

I see myself as a distinctly average middle-aged woman who is active but not especially fit and I want other women to know that if I can see these huge improvements to my wellbeing, they can too. And I don’t believe that you have to go on big adventures or travel to spectacular places to feel the joy and see the benefits of spending time outdoors. It’s just as transformational to explore your local area or take tiny green breaks wherever you are.

Most of the time I am accompanied by my two border terriers, Rafi and Bobby and you may well find me paddling in a stream or sitting in the grass practicing nature mindfulness.

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